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Fit Nation has so much to offer people who are looking to improve their lifestyle with fun and challenging workout classes that are appropriate for all fitness levels and all ages – at no charge! We hold monthly weigh-ins when we track the progression of each member by taking weight and body measurements. Also, we monitor blood pressure readings for those who are interested.  Upon joining, each member is assigned to a community team that will assist them for a full month in meeting their fitness goals and also have access to a free 30-minute workout. The goal is to see a reduction in weight, body measurements and better blood pressure reading the following month – all while gaining some awesome friends!!!   


Here are just a few things that your donations will help Fit Nation provide:


·         Programs that tackle childhood obesity. We have structured programs that emphasizes the importance of proper eating habits and incorporating an active lifestyle.

·         Offer Classes for working adults - we will also hire tutors to assist children while the parents workout.

·         Offer Low-impact workout classes for the Seniors of Memphis. Ages 55 and Up! We will schedule quarterly events for Seniors to celebrate Choosing Life! Events planned include: Christmas Gala, Senior Prom, Seniors Field Day and much more.

·         “Choose Life Closet” - which will have basic workout supplies needed for all Fit Nation classes available to the general public. Hand weights, yoga mats, and water - called "The Life Kit." Each new member will receive one upon joining Fit Nation!

·         Offer Weekly "Life Kitchen Corner!" A platform for the general public to see and taste all the different levels of healthy eating. Each member will have the opportunity to interact in cooking lessons incorporating healthy eating.


·         Project NO ONE LEFT BEHIND! We will help sponsor individuals monetarily that have financial hardships by providing donations for fees for 5k races, workout attire, workout shoes, Fit Nation functions and much more.


·         Help fund the ground breaking of The Life Center of Memphis. The Life Center is funded by monthly donations – there are no required monthly fees. The Life Center of Memphis will provide workout classes, cooking classes, workout equipment, basketball courts, Life Cafe', meeting rooms, study hall, steam rooms, sauna, softball and baseball field, outdoor walking trail, swimming pools and much more!




4955 Cottonwood

Memphis TN 38118