April 2020, will be my 3rd year with Fit Nation of Memphis. Through becoming a Trailblazer, I have experienced many awesome races and have received several pieces of mind blowing bling! In 2019, I participated in the Margarita Run, the M-Town Series (4 total races which included the Zoo, Harbor Town, Stars and Stripes, and Orion), the Navy Ten Nautical Miler race, as well as 3 Spartan races, which placed me in the Spartan Trifecta Tribe. I am proud of all of my blings and I am thankful for every mile I was able to chase! Through persistence, faithfulness to God and whatever I said I was going to do, trusting my CEO/Trainer Toye Bogard as well as my Spartan Captain Karen Nelson, along with my Accountability Partners, I have done and continuing to do, amazing things in the fitness world! I’ll say to anyone, never tell yourself NO, until you’ve tried it! I said Yes, and I love it! Bring it on!

           Dee "Phoenix" Williams            

  "Bling Story"


  Testimony of Erika "RockStar" Thompson

When I joined Fit Nation in June 2015, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on my life. For me, it has become waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more than just a workout group. I’ve met some wonderful people and formed some very special bonds. Building relationships, having fun and getting fit is the motto of Fit Nation and it’s been just that ever since I’ve joined. I love motivating others to just keep going and not give up. The best part of that is seeing people who once thought they couldn’t do something set goals and meet them and actually shed tears. I have been one of those people. I’ve accomplished so many things that I never thought in a million years I would ever be doing. It started with just working out and working out turned into running. I started running which turned into me becoming a part of an elite group known as the Fit Nation Trailblazers, one of the largest running groups in the city of Memphis. We show up and show out not only in Memphis, but across the country. Fit Nation Trailblazers turned into obstacle course racing. Obstacle course racing turned into me becoming a part of another special group known as the Spartan Trifecta Tribe. Who knows what’s next for me!!! I am a part of the greatest fit family EVER led by THE BEST EVER CERTIFIED AWARD winning personal trainer Fit Nation, CEO Mr. Toye Bogard. I’m grateful that he shared his vision with the world which led me to this journey and lifestyle. To also know that we are led by a man of God who opens and closes each workout with prayer, I think from day one that was the part that really kept me coming back. Thankful that I have the activity of my limbs, we give GOD ALL THE GLORY, ALL THE HONOR AND ALL THE PRAISE!!! Without him we couldn’t make it through anything in life let alone a workout. The workouts are tough, but they are fair. If you want it you just have to be willing to work for it. Toye gives unselfishly and I know he gives us way more of his time than he should when he has a family of his own, but I love and appreciate him and EVERYTHING he does because it shows he truly cares. He not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk with us. My life has forever been changed by Toye and Fit Nation and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!!! Come join us!!! Hope to see you soon


  Testimony of Dee Williams 




My fitness journey began April of 2017 with me having an elevated blood glucose level, high blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol. My doctor invited me to join a free year long nutrition class and during that same time, I discovered Fit Nation on Facebook through one of the captains. Being nervous about my health, I had to give Fit Nation a chance, because I wanted to be healthier and live a longer life!


A few days after hearing about the program, I joined, extremely heavy for a 5’1 frame and with little energy. Even though it was a struggle making myself attend classes in which I thought were  hard, I still remained faithful in my attendance and pushed myself to stay persistent and give all I had.


Beginning June of 2017, I was connected with my first accountability partner, did several Biggest Loser Challenges, pledged into the Iota Trailblazer class, successfully competed several 5K races, 10K races, A Navy Ten Nautical Miler race, and 4 Spartan races.  I have gone from 225 lbs to 174 lbs, with 165 lbs being my lightest weight within the 32 months I’ve been a member of Fit Nation. That’s a total of a 51 lbs I have managed to keep off of my body!  My doctors are always pleased with my checkups and get excited every time I tell them about my trainer and the fitness program I chose.


Through my continual journey of being healthy, I have to admit that Toye Bogard/Fit Nation is definitely where you want to be when you make the decision to choose life! His program works and I am a result of his program. Having said yes to Fit Nation, made a difference in me. I am persistent, a Philippians 4:13 woman, and I chose life!

          Ingus Stigler       

  "Bling Story"

My Story begins May 2016 but I join fitnation it was an exciting moment. When I became a Fit Nation Trailblazer in 2016 my life changed! Trailblazer name is Destiny. I love my Trailblazer name Destiny  because I never stopped running toward my destiny. I have finished  several races in 2019 I completed my first Spartan Race Sprint that race  made me hungry to complete the Trifecta.  I ran the 10 Mile Nautica i ran it better than I did the first time that was an accomplishment for me.. I completed M Town series, and The Margarita race. Now  my MOST PROUD accomplishment was my Trifecta !!! which includes the Sprint the Super and the Beast!! I was nervous because I was the oldest of the crew  of all women  and I did not want to be the weakest link  that when he said you won't be the weakest link. I would like to THANK my Personal Trainer Toye Bogard who  encouraged, training and challenging me to do this race. I have learned you have to commit to whatever you start. Since joining fitnation I have learned a lot about myself I have gained another family it is true while changing your life and choosing life you do have fun. Thank You FIT NATION!!