Don't Stop Believing - Journey
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I've been an active member of Fit Nation, Inc. since April 15, 2015. During these two years I have learned the true meaning of PERSISTENCE! Although this lifestyle change comes with some tough challenges, it has taught me patience and how to enjoy my process. I have lost 130lbs and I have gained wisdom, knowledge, and love in fitness because of Fit Nation. I enjoy building positive relationships and getting fit doing it! I thank God everyday for leading me in the right direction and for also giving Toye he's amazing vision of Fit Nation!❤️

I started this journey in 2013 with the Biggest Loser Memphis now Fit Nation, Inc. This is kind of a funny story: I was at home watching the Biggest Loser T.V. show and I was so moved by the people losing weight and giving their testimonies of how better they felt. So after the show went off, I went on-line to sign up for the show. Somehow my search led me to a group called Biggest Loser-Memphis. I joined the page on FB and one of the team captains reached out to me. At this point I knew that I was not going to be on the show but still a part of this Biggest Loser- Worldwide. I went to McFarland Community Center and to my surprise it was not like the show but 10+ times better!!!! The reason was because I saw people who looked like me, smiling faces encouraging each other, praying with each other, having fun and getting fit in a judgment-free environment. I LOVED IT!!! It was my safe-haven, my place of belonging, and I felt like Fit Nation was where God planted me to be! I grew and bloomed! Fast forward: Building relationships, accomplishments, doing things I never thought possible because of this jewel of a a ministry that has touched so many lives directly and indirectly. I am so thankful and grateful for Fit Nation, Inc. Thank you Fit Nation, for positively impacting my life and thank you Toye Bogard for stepping into your gift!!!

I wasn't enjoying it for myself always for others. I see now what my children always said about my smile it never reached my eyes! I have lost weight many times before now but it was for the wrong reasons and I did it the wrong way. I have been transparent this entire journey and yes I have tried lots of over the counter remedies, national tv diets, gym memberships, medical diets, teas, shakes, and weight loss surgery all quick fixes that required me to do nothing so of course the weight came back with more pounds added. Being apart of Fit Nation made me re-evaluate "MY WHY" and that's ME. I am my reason why I want to be healthy and happy above all else. I am in no hurry to loose the weight because I want it to stay off this time. I get frustrated at times but I love everything that our trainer Toyebrings to the table to help us get one step closer to our goals. So until I reach whatever ideal weight my body wants to be I will do prison squats, plank jacks, Caroline's, burpees, sit-ups, Fit Nation crunches, Max Dives, donkey kicks, circles, leg lunges, wall squats, hip touches. Step X, run, walk, skip, hop, crawl....hahaha I think you get it! I love you Fit Nation and especially you Toye for being apart of my life and accepting the Vision God knew you were ready to bring to fruition❤❤❤

I experienced my first Fit Nation workout January 2016 and it's been nothing short of amazing since. I had one goal and that was to lose weight, but it turned into so much more. I've met some wonderful people, lost weight, and had fun while doing it. I thank God for Toye's desire and passion to help people choose life.

I Won't Give Up Fit Nation lifestyle for nothing its the best thing that has ever happened with getting fit it's fun and hard work....The people is family and nothing but love ..... very encouraging

Thank You Fit Nation!

October 2014 changed my life for the better. I stepped into Toye Bogard's fountain of youth!

Fit Nation means my life. Better words for it, before Fit Nation I was dying of a life threatening condition called obesity. So I heard about this specialist doctor (Toye Bogard) and his staff(Fit Nation) about how to fight this condition. So I was on life support, 3 years later I support my life. Now I'm living. That's what Fit Nation means to me.....

Fit Nation to me means LIFE. I was told in November 2015 that I was slowly dying. I had multiple medical problems and took 16 prescriptions. I joined Fit Nation the first time in 2014 but quit because i gave up. I joined again in 2016 determined and Toye helped save my LIFE. As of today i have lost 218 lbs, off of all medications, and LIVE everday to the fullest.

Fit Nation to me means that "My Health Is My Wealth". Before joining Fit Nation in 2013, I was what is referred to as "skinny fat". Meaning I was skinny but 50% of my body was made up of fat! Thanks to Toye Bogard and Fit Nation, today my body fat is 19%!

Joining Fit Nation in October 2016 has given me HOPE, it has taught me what persistence truly means, and taught me to fight for living a better and a healthier LIFE. My journey is not complete but I'm learning to Finish Strong in whatever i put my mind to do. I'm happy to be apart of this family and looking foward to the future

I Joined Fit Nation at the end of 2014. It has been an awesome journey! I have gain a whole new Family! As well as I will be running in my first Spartan Race . September 23, 2017. Thanks to my CEO Toye Bogard! I love my Fit Nation Family

Fit Nation has given me L.I.F.E.

L: Learning to choose Life 365 through persistence in fitness & nutrition
I: Innovative ways to reach fitness goals through multiple workout experiences
F: Fighting daily and finding fitness through Faith, Fun, and Fellowship
E: Eliminate excuses and experience collective and individual support from the BEST Trainer in Memphis. Thanks Toye Bogard

What Fit Nation means to me # Persistence. Never Quit Never Stop Believing.

There are really NO words to describe what joining Fit Nation back in 2014 has done for me. RESULTS through fitness is what you will get. I have watched the scale gradually go down. Be PERSISTENT, eat right, do the WORK and keep coming. This has been the key for weight loss with Fit Nation for me!

I've been with Fit Nation Memphis since Sept 2014. Thankful and blessed to have been introduced by Jackie Hines and Andrea Smith. I was looking for a fitness program to help me with living a healthy life style. I was a member of LA Fitness, but I needed more. It was a little boring. The first time working out with Fit Nation, after hearing Toye Bogard start with prayer and end in prayer, I knew this is it. I was so sore the next day I could barely walk, painful! I remember calling Jackie Hines telling her I think I've pulled a muscle she said you'll be ok just soak in the tub. The Epsom salt soak helped! I came back for more until the soreness left. LOL! I haven't loss a lot of weight. But I've slimmed down and muscle up. 25 lbs down. Our trainer teach and preach persistence. Toye has given us the tools we need to take care of our body with or without him and I love and appreciate him dearly for that. But it's nothing like being with him and his establishment ( Fit Nation ) . It's what he love and it makes him proud. I can tell. I've accomplished challenges I never ever dreamed of. 3 half marathons, that's really big for me. I didn't come in first, but I finish. So many 5k. I have goals that I'm working on. And I'll get there with persistence!

My life changed for the better when I joined Fit Nation, invest in yourself, this is the only place your spirit has to live in, at least make it a healthy place. You're worth it.

Fit Nation is truly a blessing from God. I have been blessed with a support group that continues to encourage me daily as well as a trainer who live by example. Since joining in 2013 I am no longer a borderline diabetic, asthma is totally under control and I have lost over 100lbs. I thank God for connecting me with a family that understand the fight against obesity and willing to fight to help others overcome

I started my fitness journey after our daughters *My WHYs* took a video of me walking away from them while on vacation at Mount Rushmore in 2013. I was introduced by Treena Woody to #FitNationMemphis. I became a member of FitNation in 2014 and my life has never been the same. Thank you Toye Bogard for having a vision and being dedicated to it. Love you and my #FitNationFamily.❤
#IChooseLife #RemeberMyWHYs #NeverStopBelieving!

I joined Fit Nation in 2014. That was one of the best decisions I've made. Nothing can compare to the great atmosphere and awesome attitudes of my Fit Nation family. We all have one goal....Staying persistent in fitness!

Fit Nation has been a part of my ever evolving health and wellness journey. Over 100lbs lost. Relationships have been built while keeping fitness fun. Thanks Toye Bogard and my Fit Nation family for being my Motivation!!!!!